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About the Balzers


We began in 1970 as clockmakers and watchmakers and have specialized in the restoration of tower clocks since 1985 including the conversion of the electrified mechanical tower clocks back to weight driven, pendulum regulated timepieces, as they were originally designed.

In 1994, we manufactured our first mechanical tower clock which is on display and operating in L.L. Bean, Freeport, Maine. This is the first timepiece of its type to be made in the United States since 1964 bringing mechanical tower clock manufacturing back to the United States.

Studying the various models of the early makers convinced us that with some engineering and material modifications we could provide an historically significant and accurate timekeeping option that will outlast any other available system to date.

Our timepieces are designed to be displayed and serve as a timekeeper, inside and outside of the building, as well as a functional work of art. Recognizing that maintenance is always a concern we have constructed our timepieces so they do not require monthly oiling.

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