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Consulting Services

Timekeeping Systems and Bell Systems

Balzer Family Clock Works will conduct an on site examination of the existing system(s) or for the proposed new system followed by a conference meeting with all interested parties.

A written report will be prepared and include the following:

  • Historical information (if applicable)
  • Evaluation of the system(s)
  • Recommended restoration
  • Recommended manufacture
  • Detailed “Scope of Work” procedure and associated “Costs”
  • Separately listed available “Options” and associated “Costs”
  • Our Company Portfolio including
    • Qualifications
    • Completed Projects
    • Letters of Appreciation

Additional Consultation Services:

  • Mechanical engineering design for relocation of the timepiece
  • Mechanical engineering design for location of the new timekeeping and/or chime system
  • Fund Raising

Fee for service upon request

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