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Clock Movement:
Design work and pattern making, casting and machine missing gearing, verges, pallets (steel and agate), shafting, pinions, suspension units, bushings, screws, and cast iron legs and frames. Carve cherry pendulums and machine brass hardware, cast and machine pendulum bobs. Replicate complete, the zinc compensated pendulum. Cast and machine bevel gears. Design, machine and install Westminster chime system. Design, machine and install the rack and snail strike system. Replicate, machine and install the complete Denison double three legged gravity escapement. Replicate the original decorative pinstriping and floral design.

Recondition wood dials. Template, from original, and construct new numerical plates and minute marks. Apply 23k gold leaf. Repair, clean, prime and paint cast iron dial. Prepare pattern, cast, polish, assemble and install brass and bronze dials. Template, cut and install 1/4" double frosted glass or milk glass.

Construct, as original in design, wood hands. Cast, machine and install hand hubs. Machine new or recondition original counterweights an balance hands. Design and construct brass hands and carbon fiber composite hands.

Motion Work:
Design and machine missing dial gear assemblies for stone buildings, glass dials and wooden dials. Cast and machine universal joints and expansion units. Custom design and machine universal joints and expansion units. Construct new or recondition original dial shafts and machine shaft plugs.

Weight System:
Make pattern and cast weights, as original in design. Construct and install steel and stainless steel weight tracks and brass weight shells. Install new stainless steel weight cable.

Bell Strike:
Have cast and install new bell. Recondition or design and machine bell hammers, bell cranks and linkage.

Chime Systems:
Recondition or design and machine bell hammers, bell cranks and linkage. Design and machine hammers for tubular bells. Design and build mechanical chime systems for mechanical or electric activation.

Chime System Restoration
Williams College
Hampton University (bell strikers)
Bar Harbor, Maine (O.B. McClintock)
Ellsworth, Maine (O.B. McClintock)
Chime System Manufacture
International Tennis Hall of Fame
Art Koch
L.L. Bean
Neiman Marcus
Hampton University (mechanical chime unit)

Automatic Winding System:
We use a system designed to be installed or removed without any damage or modification to the clock movement and without the removal of any of the mechanical components of the movement thus preserving the historical and horological value of the timepiece.

Custom Design:
Mechanical tower clock movements with time, time and strike, or time, strike and chime functions. Also automaton function design.

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