mechanical timepiece manufacturing

Priority Properties, LLC
Topsham, Maine

Post Clock Timepiece #104

This timepiece is the first cast iron post clock with a mechanical movement known to be manufactured in the United States since the late 1930’s and the first of its type to be manufactured in Maine by a Maine clockmaker.


Case structure:

Cast iron base and doors with viewing glass and cast bronze hinges; cast iron fluted column with cast bronze leaves; cast iron hood with cast iron access panels with cast bronze hinges; cast iron illuminated sign gallery with cast bronze side adornments and three cast bronze pineapple finials (the sign of hospitality). The “Two Main Street” sign panels are in stained glass within cast bronze frames and are illuminated at night. Hand cut brass letters and numbers: “Topsham 1764”



Hand painted on ” double frosted glass and illuminated at night.



Metal “Cathedral” style; hand cut and hand painted.



Weight driven, pendulum regulated mechanical movement with the Graham Dead Beat escapement and high tech Invar pendulum; brass wheels and 316 stainless steel pinions and shafts within a cast iron framework. Automatic weight winding system.




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