"Great response from employees and customers alike. 
This weekend, the first big tourist influx of the
season, should be a lot of fun... you might
want to stop by to witness customer response!
Stay in touch."

Paul Maddrell
L.L. Bean

Thought you might be interested in this.
This has happened frequently!

"The Info Desk staff commented this morning during their communications training class
how much customers appreciate the clock in the lobby.  Comments from Info Reps

'It helps relax customers.'

'On Sunday, customers int he lobby applauded after it rang on the hour.'

'Customers make it a point to come back to the lobby on the hour.'

It has been referred to as a 'music box' instead of a clock.

Info Desk staff themselves love it and say that it has helped make their job easier.
They consider it a 'value added service' when they refer, educate, mention it to our

Just thought it would be fun to pass on positive feedback on our new
'WOW' in the lobby."

Lisa Woodworth
L.L. Bean

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