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     Our personal and professional goal is to produce high quality weight driven, pendulum regulated mechanical timepieces. With gravity as the power source, these timepieces have long passed the test for reliability, durability and longevity. Some early timepieces of this type have been running for over 600 years.

     Due to our vast experience with restoration of these early timepieces, we were able to combine the very best of the old technology with some new engineering and material improvements and incorporate them into our designs.


     As standard manufacture components, all of our large timepieces have the double three legged gravity escapement, temperature compensated Invar pendulum, stainless steel shafts and pinions and brass wheels contained within a framework of cast iron and steel.

     Since these timepieces are manufactured to order, the owner can choose the inscription, town, university, corporate or personal name to be permanently cast into the iron plates.

     By the very nature of their purpose, these timepieces draw attention to the building in which they are located and historically, without exception, become a landmark in the area. To choose to display the clockworks where its operation can be observed and enjoyed will serve not only as a timekeeper, inside and outside the building, but also as a functional work of art.

Our Manufacturing Process

BFCW Model #2: Time, Hour Toll and Chime

BFCW Model #3: Time Only

BFCW Model #3: Time and Hour Toll

BFCW Model #3: Time, Hour Toll and Chime

BFCW Model Pedestal Timepiece

BFCW: Small Timepiece Manufacture

BFCW : Model Post Clock


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